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at peace (with) 

Happiness is being at peace a loan  

Our mission is to give all Australians
peace of mind with their home loan.

The Friendly Broker

By name and by nature

Dealing with banks can be stressful. We shield you from those stresses while saving you time and money.

Mortgage Broker Rouse Hill

How can we help?

Mortgage Broker North Kellyville
I want to buy a property
Mortgage Broker Ryde
Can I get a better rate?
Mortgage Broker Leppington
I want to build a home

Meet some old 

friends of ours

Relationships we've nurtured for years to get 

you the best possible deal.

Mortgage Broker Austral

new friends


Honestly the nicest broker in the business!

Irfan is extremely kind, patient and someone we feel we can always contact for any form of advice. His ability to explain and answer any of our questions in simple terms was commendable, clearing away any of our doubts. Additionally, he is extremely time-efficient and was able to attain our pre-approval overnight for auction!

He is someone we will definitely use again for our future endeavours and keep as a lifetime contact. We are so glad we had Irfan apart of our journey in buying a house and would highly recommend his services!

- Sonia Sami


To this day the verdict has been unanimous,

five star service all the way.

And some 

The process

Every situation is unique but here's an 

overview of what the process typically looks like

   Step one (friendly chat)

    Step three (action)

Step five (the friendly bond)

Mortgage Broker Parramatta
Mortgage Broker Orchard Hills
Mortgage Broker Chatswood
Mortgage Broker Newcastle

We prepare & submit the application to the bank. And then we get on their case until 

they give us an approval.

Finance sorted. You're happy, we're happy and we're your friendly broker

for the life of your home loan journey! 

We get a feel for your finance goals and current situation and get the ball rolling. 

   Step two (proposal)

   Step four (result)

We gather details, docs and crunch the numbers. We present you with multiple options & help you pick one you're happy with.

You sign the loan offer

docs and we get your loan

ready for settlement.

Borrowing power

Want to get a quick feel for your

maximum borrowing capacity?

This is not a formal assessment, just a quick guide,

which does NOT conduct any credit checks or effect your credit rating.


Got some questions?

We've got some answers.

How long does it take to get a pre-approval?

The timeframe can range from 20 minutes to around a week or more depending on the banks current turnaround times.

How long is the pre-approval valid for?

Usually 90 days but this can sometimes be extended if your circumstances don't change.

Should I refinance?

If there's a better deal to be had or you have some other requirements, we can certainly help you weigh up the options.

I've just started my job, can I still get a loan?

Yes. There are banks that will consider recently started employees. Eligibility criteria applies.

I'm low on savings, can I still get a loan?

Yes. There are a  number of options available to people with low or no deposit. Feel free to reach out to discuss.

My situation is a little tricky, can you help?

We enjoy helping people with complex problems. If there's an appropriate solution, we'll find it.

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